Privacy Policy

Last update: March 28th, 2020

Cloakmy provides a free, non-profit tool to encrypt and share your messages. Privacy is taken very seriously, since it is the main purpose of this website. All stored data is encrypted, and passwords hashed using Bcrypt. We cannot retrieve your password, therefore if it's lost, the content of the document is lost forever. Once your message is destroyed, we cannot restore it. Messages are physically erased, once destroyed there is no coming back.

Please do not use this service as a long term storage solution for critical data. This service may be discontinued at any time.

  1. Service description

    Cloakmy is a free web based service that allows users to create encrypted messages they can share over the internet. Message deletion is based on the users settings. We want to provide a secure and private way to communicate.
  2. IP addresses

    Cloakmy is now logging IP addresses when you send a message (to prevent any illegal use of our service); IP addresses are also logged during login attempts (only after a wrong password and or a wrong link) to prevent against attacks and to enable us to ban excessive requests.
  3. Disclaimer

    Cloakmy declines any responsibility whatsoever. This is a free service, use it at your own risk.
  4. Disclosure of Data to Third Party

    Cloakmy does not share nor sell any information to others, nor use it in any way not mentioned in this Privacy Policy.
  5. Use of cookies

    Cloakmy uses 2 cookies to keep the user's session (one for the session's id and 1 for the session's encryption) and Google Analytics' cookies (anonymous). Cookies must be enabled to post a message (or read a password protected message) since sessions need cookies to work (hungry sessions :'().
  6. PHP Sessions

    Cloakmy encrypts your sessions with a randomly generated key that is stored in your cookies. This means that even the server administrator (or anyone really) cannot read your session information.
  7. Data ownership

    All the data stored in Cloakmy's servers belongs to the person who detain the link (and password) to access it until the data is erased.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or other concerns regarding this free service, send us an email at

I've been maintaining this service for free, with no ads, out of my pocket since 2012. I'm now (March 2020) accepting donations to help with the server costs and my time maintaining it. I intend to keep this service ad free or shut it down if it becomes too much of a headache.

If you find a bug, a vulnerability or have a suggestion, please contact me.

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