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We provide a quick, convenient and secure way to share sensitive information. Just copy your message in the box, set the recipient and your password (if you want to protect your message) and send it. The recipient will receive a secure link. If you select Auto Destruct as an expiration setting (by default), once the link is opened the message will be deleted. Hover the labels with your mouse or click them (on touchscreens) for more info. The message will be encrypted with a randomly generated key + your password if you chose one.

We log IP addresses, be smart, don't use our service illegally. If you use the email service, your IP address will be sent to the email recipient(s) as well as a link to the secure message.


Do not repeat the main password. This is optional and for super sensitive data only. Type in a secondary password in this input and the content will be encrypted locally in JavaScript before being sent through the wire and being encrypted in our servers. It is strongly recommended to use a different password from the main password. You must also give both passwords to the recipient.

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If you find a bug, a vulnerability or have a suggestion, please contact me.

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